We are a team of lawyers with more than 30 years of experience.

We are aware of the economic, political and social issues of our time.

In this context we can understand better the needs and opportunities of our clients. 

Therefore, we can anticipate and provide clear, complete, timely, adequate and simple solutions. 

We resolve the most complex and sophisticated issues with pragmatism, in a simple manner and with attachment to the law. 

We protect our client’s interests and reputation with ethics and respect for the law. 

We build long lasting and successful relationships with national and foreign clients in different economic sectors. 

We are discreet because we understand and share the confidentiality need of our client´s businesses.


In the finance and banking practice area we assist our clients in their local and international transactions including structured finance, syndicated loans and project and equipment finance, among others. 

Our clients are local and international banks, issuers, investment banks, export credit agencies and international leasing companies, among others. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • local and international credit transactions;  
  • legal structuring of projects with local and international financing; 
  • drafting and negotiation of credit, leasing, insurance, reinsurance, guarantee, mortgage, movable guarantees and settlement agreements and, restructuring and debts renegotiation agreements; 
  • Ship, aircraft, aircraft engines and in general all mobile equipment financing;  
  • assistance in asset securitization; 
  • drafting of international interests under Cape Town Convention; 
  • structuring, negotiation, implementation and registration of secured transactions; 
  • capital markets transactions; and 
  • fintech transactions, including crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.


We advise our clients in tax matters. We help them in the design of efficient, legal and responsible structures. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • permanent advice on national and local taxes; 
  • tax planning and implementation of tax efficient structures; 
  • interpretation and application of double taxation treaties; 
  • tax assistance in mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; 
  • tax compliance: strategic review and preparation of tax returns;   
  • due diligence in tax matters; 
  • advise in drafting responses to the tax authorities information requests; and,   
  • litigation before the governmental and judicial administrative jurisdictions.


In the corporate area we advise our clients comprehensively in corporate matters and in the structuring and implementation of corporate vehicles, fit for their business needs. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • company incorporation and establishment of branches; 
  • preparation and negotiation of shareholders' agreements; 
  • structuring and coordination of compensation plans such as stock option plans and stock grant plans; 
  • structuring and coordination of corporate governance; 
  • management of corporate entities, statutory reforms and books keeping; 
  • review, analysis and negotiation of commercial contracts; 
  • capitalization, reorganization, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies; 
  • implementation of corporate vehicles for estate and tax planning; and 
  • general corporate advisory.


In the mergers and acquisitions practice area we provide legal assistance to our clients in their M&A transactions, seeking legal assurances under a commercial and pragmatic perspective of the deal. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • preparation, legal structuring and negotiation of local and cross border M&A transactions; 
  • Colombian companies’ shares and assets acquisition deals drafting, negotiation and structuring; 
  • negotiation and preparation of shareholders´ agreements; 
  • spin-offs and reorganization of companies; 
  • structuring of cooperation agreements such as joint ventures; 
  • open contracting processes of public, mixed and private companies; and 
  • due diligence organization and preparation.


The mission of our foreign exchange practice area is to provide support to our clients so that they can do their exchange transactions in full compliance with exchange regulations. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • Colombian foreign exchange regulations; 
  • structuring of international transactions; 
  • registration of transactions that must be channeled through the exchange system; 
  • procedures and proceedings before the exchange authorities; and 
  • registration and management of compensation accounts.


We support our clients in immigration matters of their employees, seeking an efficient management of mobility processes. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • obtaining a visa; 
  • design of corporate and individual immigration strategies; 
  • development of global mobility policies for multinational companies; 
  • validation of professional titles, temporary licenses and professional registrations; 
  • compliance with immigration rules; 
  • representation of companies and individuals in immigration investigations and 
  • immigration due diligence.


We assist in the management of human resources and in labor proceedings with the purpose of minimizing risks and seeking effective solutions for our client’s organizations.

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters:

  • Human Resources
  • drafting of documents for human resource management and compliance with regulations;
  • negotiating, drafting, performance and termination of employment contracts;
  • disciplinary proceedings, management of employee reintegration, constitutional privileges, legal privileges and compliance with labor laws;
  • payroll liquidation, variable compensation and productivity remuneration;
  • employee substitution; and
  • due diligence in M&A transactions.
  • Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP for its acronym in Spanish):
  • proceedings for omission, inaccuracy or delay in the liquidation and payment of social security benefits and related coercive debt collection;
  • payment agreements; and
  • UGPP decisions annulment and reestablishment proceedings.
  • Administrative Proceedings:
  • authorizations and permits before the Labor Ministry; and
  • labor inspection proceedings and other related administrative proceedings.
  • Ordinary and special labor proceedings.


We represent our clients in their civil, commercial and administrative conflicts, and in mediation, conciliation and arbitral proceedings. 

We respect the law and the judges of Colombia. We convey our arguments in a clear, precise, simple, proved and conclusive manner. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • conciliation and direct settlement stages; 
  • civil and commercial proceedings, including civil liability, commercial agency and construction contracts; 
  • governmental and administrative proceedings including damage direct reparation, annulment and reestablishment of rights and contractual controversies; 
  • individual or collective constitutional protection actions; and 
  • local and international arbitration proceedings, request and implementation of foreign arbitration proceedings injunctive measures and exequatur and recognition of foreign courts rulings and arbitral awards.


We assist local and international clients in the design and implementation of effective attention and consumer protection mechanisms. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • services campaigns and re-call, security of the products, offers and publicity; 
  • design and implementation of warranty manuals, attention proceedings and answer to petitions, complaints and questions; 
  • training for our clients in consumer protection issues; 
  • consumer complaints; 
  • representation and advisory in consumer protection proceedings; and 
  • administrative investigations, complaints, popular and class actions in various sectors such as air transportation, automotive, and massive consumption, among others.


We assist in the structuring and participation in procurement and construction contracts before public and private entities. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • project structuring; 
  • analysis of public bids documents and/or terms of reference and of the contract; 
  • representation of foreign bidders; 
  • creation of plural bidders; 
  • preparation and presentation of offers; and 
  • support in all the stages of the process.


We assist our clients in the aviation and maritime sectors from a comprehensive perspective of the law. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • Contracts review and structuring for: 

o   land, maritime, fluvial and multimodal transportation of goods; 

o   transportation supply; and 

o   fleet additions; 

  • requests of operation permits and of authorizations to provide public service transportation; 
  • review of regulatory aspects in all    transportation modes; and
  • transportation infrastructure including terminals and airport concessionaires.


We are leaders in the field of aviation law in Colombia. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • regulatory and aero-commercial matters; 
  • request of traffic rights, charter flights and operation permits; 
  • preparation and /or review of cooperation agreements such as, code-share, wet leases, aircraft charter agreements and ACMI contracts; 
  • consumer rights; 
  • acceptance of foreign operation specifications in Colombia and registration of equipment in the operation permits; and
  • review and/or legal structuring of civil aviation security plans.


We assist our clients in the tourism sector, in corporate, regulatory, tax, labor and environmental matters. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • Preparation of service contracts for suppliers, hotels, wholesalers, receptive tourism agencies, operators and travel and travel and tourism agencies; 
  • advisory to obtain operation permits and registrations; 
  • structuring and review of operation contracts, franchises, Global Distribution Systems and supply agreements; 
  • preparation of service terms and conditions and liability clauses; 
  • consumer protection related with passenger rights and service users; 
  • consumer rights.


We have a long experience assisting clients in copyright law and industrial property protection. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • creation, exploitation and protection of IP assets; 
  • protection of distinctive signs: trademarks and commercial slogans, trade names and emblems; 
  • protection of new creations: invention patents, utility models, integrated circuits and industrial designs; 
  • copyright protection; 
  • structuring and preparation of IP asset exploitation instruments; 
  • IP assets related proceedings before the Council of State; 
  • sanitary registrations; and 
  • actions for the protection of intellectual property: actions for the usurpation; extrajudicial claims for infringement of industrial property rights; border measures; domain name-related disputes on the internet.


We assist our clients in the legal structuring of new technology products seeking to anticipate the trends. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • Legal structuring and preparation of technology contracts; 
  • adoption and implementation of measures for data protection, and 
  • legal assistance for the supply of telecommunication services.


We assist our clients in unfair competition, restrictive practices, and integration matters with market effects. 

Our services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • request, procedure of authorizations and notifications of integrations; 
  • analysis of agreements and/or conducts with possible competition restrictive effects; 
  • representation in administrative investigations related with commercial restrictive practices; 
  • administrative proceedings related with public law agencies decisions; 
  • analysis and review of anti-competitive behavior ;
  • strategies design to defend or protect free competition; and 
  • representation in unfair competition proceedings.